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How can I adopt an animal I see on the ARLEP website?

Thank you for choosing to adopt. The first step is to fill out an adoption application online or you can visit our shelter. ARLEP will review your application and contact you if approved. Additional questions may be asked or a home visit may be requested. You may want to call our office for status of your application, if you do not hear from ARLEP. Keep in mind not all applications are approved and your application may not be the only one submitted for a specific animal.

Is there a minimum age to adopt an animal?

Yes, you must be at least 21 years of age to adopt an animal.

Do I have to fill out the application?

Yes, to be considered as a viable candidate to adopt, you must complete the adoption application in its entirety. You can either fill out an application online or visit our shelter in person. ARLEP’s goal is to find permanent, stable homes for the animals in our care.

What is the adoption fee?

ARLEP will provide information about the animal’s adoption fee once your application is processed and approved.

What is included in the adoption?

ARLEP will provide information about what is included with the adoption once your application is processed and approved.

Why didn’t I get to adopt the animal I submitted an application for?

There are often multiple applications for one animal. ARLEP’s goal is to find the best fit for an animal, taking into account the specific needs of the animal and the time and resources a guardian is willing to commit.

How can I support ARLEP?

ARLEP appreciates your willingness to support the mission! Donations of monetary and material goods are accepted, as well as a donation of time in the form of volunteering. Visit the Donate page to make a donation or check the Current Needs page to see what is commonly needed at the shelter. Prospective volunteers are asked to complete the volunteer application and attend volunteer orientation.

How can I become a volunteer with ARLEP?

Prospective volunteers are asked to complete the volunteer application and attend a volunteer orientation. Volunteer orientation is held once a month at the shelter. Please email volunteer@arlep.org to reserve a spot at the next session. Orientation is limited to 20 people per session. Session dates are listed on the Events page of the website.

How much time does volunteering require?

As much as you like! ARLEP asks that volunteers commit to a minimum of six hours a month for at least three months.

Can children volunteer with ARLEP?

Children as young as 13 may volunteer with ARLEP, but any volunteer under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or legal guardian with them at the orientation and all volunteer shifts.

How do I get verification for my community service at ARLEP?

Keep a service log signed by your volunteer position manager. If you need a more official verification, please submit a copy of your signed service log to volunteer@arlep.org at least a week prior to your deadline and ARLEP will provide a signed letter on official letterhead verifying your volunteer hours.

Does ARLEP have special projects for groups or organizations?

Yes! Many schools organizations, scout troops, church groups and corporate entities have reached out seeking ways to support the shelter. Contact volunteer@arlep.org to set up a special project. Alternatively, groups or organizations can collect items from the list found on the Current Needs page and deliver them to the shelter.

Does ARLEP take animal surrenders?

Intake of owner surrenders are based on space availability at our shelter. Please contact our office directly for information on our intake process.

If I find a stray animal, can I take it to ARLEP?

ARLEP’s first recommendation is to do everything you can to try and find the owners of the animal. Any fire station can scan for a microchip. If you are unsuccessful, contact the ARLEP office directly to see if there is space at our shelter or with a foster volunteer.

Does ARLEP offer vaccinations to the public?

ARLEP does not offer vaccinations on a regular basis, however ARLEP does organize vaccination events throughout the year using grant monies to provide vaccinations to low-income families with pets. The dates vary. Check the Events page to see upcoming events.

Does ARLEP offer spay/neuter services to the public?

ARLEP does not offer spay/neuter services to the public on a regular basis. However, ARLEP does organize spay/neuter clinics throughout the year that are open to the public. The dates vary. Check the Events page to see upcoming events.