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Board of Directors

  • Leslie Lujan

    President of the Board

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  • Jennifer A. Segovia

    Vice President of the Board

    Joined ARLEP: 2012

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    Jennifer is a vocal advocate for animal rescue and second chances. She puts her advocacy in practice caring for her two rescue dogs, Benji and Ziggy. Jennifer feels a quote from Jane Goodall is a great call to action: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Join ARLEP’s mission and you’ll know the kind of difference you can make in the community.

  • Heather Hall

    Board Secretary

    Joined ARLEP: 1998

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    When Heather first joined ARLEP, it was the only no-kill rescue shelter in the area. In joining the life-saving work at ARLEP, Heather feels it changed the direction of her life and provided the most unexpected but rewarding experiences. A proud dog mom, Heather believes you should strive to be the person your dog thinks you are.

  • Leticia Medrano

    Board Treasurer

    Joined ARLEP: 2004

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    The big-picture impact of ARLEP is what drew Leticia to the organization. She had always been an animal lover and wanted to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. After 16 years of volunteering with ARLEP, the organization has become like family to Leticia.

  • Terri Sierra

    Joined ARLEP: 1999

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    Terri was searching for an animal organization that had true heart. A chance meeting with ARLEP’s founder, Loretta Hyde, exposed her to the heart and passion behind ARLEP’s work. Terri knew she’d found what she had been looking for. In pouring her heart into the work at ARLEP, Terri has helped create a safe haven for abandoned and injured animals. She proudly cares for 10 beloved rescue dogs.

  • Neftali A. Diaz

    Joined ARLEP: 2018

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    Neftali joined ARLEP because of the emphasis on community involvement to care for animals and improve their quality of life. He is particularly proud of ARLEP’s humble, grassroots origins and the organization’s drive to save the most vulnerable. Neftali is the proud guardian of two rescue pups, Molly and Maggie, and invites everyone in the community to visit the shelter and be a part of the lifesaving work.