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Happy Beginnings

Burn victim, Kyle, is adopted and renamed Motley

My family and I want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.  Because of ARL of EP’s dedication to finding homes for animals and treating the hurt ones, we now have a best friend, companion, and little clown entertainer who makes friends and adores everybody.

Late in 2010, you found on the side of a road a little pup badly burned on his left side and entire rump, and patiently nursed him back to health.  In a segment featured on the Channel 7 news, Kyle was shown in a whirlpool bath as his ARL handler (Loretta) removed burned skin.  I watched both in horror and awe…..horror at seeing the results of a cruel act, yet awe at the sweet temperament of the puppy during a daily painful treatment.  As Loretta would carefully remove the dead skin in the whirlpool, the pup would cry, but never once did he try to bite or take aggressive action towards her.  I later heard that Loretta even spent weekends and off hours to take care of little Kyle.  That is one tiny example of the care and dedication the staff provides to the animals they rescue.

Once he was healed, I was lucky and go to adopt Kyle (renamed Motley) into our menagerie of pets, which includes four cats, exotic tortoises and another dog.  My family at first thought I was crazy to want to adopt Motley, thinking he might have been traumatized to the point of having emotional problems.  Why did we worry?  Motley turned out to be the sweetest, most loving (yes, go figure) dog ever!!!!

The picture shows him today, two years later.  He will always be scarred, but I figure he can wear them like trophies.  When people see Motley and ask about his scars, I ALWAYS tell them about ARL saving his life and what a wonderful dog he is!!!

The very best to you all — keep up your wonderful work.   Lori

Maggie needed the right family

Maggie came to ARL very scared and shy.  All she needed was the right family.  Lucky for Maggie it didn’t take long.

Dear ARL Family,

I just wanted to let you know how well I’, doing Maggie rescue2with my new family.  I am getting to know

everyone and am trying hard to play with them.  I love to sit in laps and give lots of kisses.  My big brother helps me feel safe, even when I
steal his favorite toys.  He even tries to get into the kennel with me so I’m not lonely.  I have to be lead on the leash somethimes when it’s time to go outside or to bed, but my family is very patient with me and I know that they love me.  Thank you for taking such good care of me and all my friends at RL while I waiting for my forever family.

Our new family member Cleo

cleo and kitty 3best three musketeers 800x416 2

We just wanted share a couple pictures of our new family member Cleo. She absolutely loves our Boxer, Kayla, our kitties Axis and Allie, and my in-laws’ pups Andrew and Cody (formerly Worm from ARL). She seems to be finding her own. Cleo went for her first walk today around the neighborhood. She did fabulous, coming all the way from the dog we had to carry around the first day. She would literally “melt” to the ground. Can’t wait until she experiences camping and trips to Cloudcroft with us! She loves chewy toys and every once in a while, the corner of our table. She bucks like a bronco with so much joy when she sees the kitties. And as you can see from one of the pics, she tries to keep them in her view at all times. We couldn’t have asked for a better and more beautiful dog from ARL. Can’t wait to adopt more from your agency!
The Ontiveros Family

Marilyn replaced Simon who died of cancer



I lost my best friend Simon another black and white Persian to cancer in May, he was 12 1/2 . I saw Marilyn on PetFfinder, my heart was destroyed losing my cutest boy in the world Simon and I keep going back and looking at Marilyn. I just knew she was meant to be mine but she was 1300 miles away. Then it came to my mind to put an ad on Craig’s list and see if anyone was driving from El Paso to Alabama that would bring her to me. I got a couple replies that did not seem like it would work out, then I got an email from a lawyer from California driving to Florida with her two cats. It sounded like a perfect match. She was the answer to my prayers. She said she checked different cities on her route, so we set up the plans. She picked up Marilyn and we drove 4 hours from the Birmingham area down to Mobile to meet her. She arrived late that Saturday night, we met and got Marilyn and drove the 4 hours back home, it was a long long day but such a happy day. Marilyn now known as Dottie Dot has really help heal my broken heart. It still hurts losing Simon but Dottie Dot brings so much joy to my life. I just wanted to thank you all again for letting me adopt her. She is my best buddy. She goes with me where I go around the house, she sleeps with me,while on the computer she sleeps on my printers and if I am on the couch she lays on a pillow right next to me. I still think it is a miracle that it worked out and I am so very happy and thankful that it did.

Thanks for all you do for the precious animals.

We adopted Striker and Lance!

Striker and LanceWe’ve adopted two dogs from Animal Rescue League; Striker, who we have had for almost 5 years now, and Lance! Lance was adopted by us one year ago today, his name was Razzle when we got him. You said you had to cut over a pound of hair off of his head when he first came to you. Both puppies have been an absolute joy to us.

Thanks for all you do!  –Mark and Bonnie

Update on Gilbert

Wanted to give you an update on Gilbert whom we adopted in September last year.

Gilbert is just about the best little dog anyone could ever want!  He is playful, energetic, and very willing to learn.  He is a joy.   He has grown quite a bit – we were surprised.  Thought he was going to be a little guy!

GilbertRight now we are having the kitchen renovated and he is quite helpful to the workmen.  He has carried off many a tool that they then had to retrieve.  Good thing they are all dog people!  He even sleeps on their drop cloth.  He doesn’t like to be alone much.

I have taken him to work with me on several occasions and he is a very good office dog.  He wanders from office to office visiting and begging for treats.  Lunchtime around the office is a particular favorite of his.  He greets all visitors with tail wagging off and a grin from ear to ear.  He is just a delight.

Abby – the other dog we adopted from ARLEP – has pretty much adopted him and watches over him like a mother hen at the dog park.  No other dog better try anything with her little Gilly or she is right there to defend him.  Our old guy, Barney, even seems to be a little more active with Gil around.  I think he feels he has to watch him closely to make sure his is not getting into anything.

Thanks so much for all you do at the rescue league.  I continue to scan petfinders to see what you have.  Although, my husband says no more dogs!


Danny is an amazing dog!

Dear friends at arlep,

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months in my new home already!  I belonged here right from the start!

Danny is an amazing dog!  He is a wonderful part of Dannyour family!  He naturally protects the children when we’re at the dog beach which we never taught him,  he’s amazing off leash and although still a little clumsy around the house,  he listens well and tries his best to be gentle around the baby.

Danny is hilarious!  He has no concept whatsoever of the game “fetch ” and loves watching dogs on tv!  He sat and watched 70 minutes of lassie (he was absolutely glued to the tv)  and watched the whole Westminster kennel Club competition with me.  All he wants is love… He’s a fantastic natural guard dog!  Always alerts us to anything funny going on outside.

Thank you guys again soooo much for letting him join our family.  There are some personality traits he has that remind me of Oslo ( formerly adobe)  and this has helped me deal with my loss.  It makes me feel like he’s still here.  Danny2

I know your job is hard and challenging at times but please don’t stop.  There are great rewards and this is definitely one of them!  (twice as a matter of fact)

Orene and Danny and family

Footnote to Danny’s story:  Danny’s family lives in Canada and they adopted him after seeing him on Petfinder.  ARL tried to fly him to Canada but his crate was too big, so his adopted mom found a way and he then traveled sitting in the cab of a semi truck to get there.