Update on Gilbert

Wanted to give you an update on Gilbert whom we adopted in September last year.

Gilbert is just about the best little dog anyone could ever want!  He is playful, energetic, and very willing to learn.  He is a joy.   He has grown quite a bit – we were surprised.  Thought he was going to be a little guy!

GilbertRight now we are having the kitchen renovated and he is quite helpful to the workmen.  He has carried off many a tool that they then had to retrieve.  Good thing they are all dog people!  He even sleeps on their drop cloth.  He doesn’t like to be alone much.

I have taken him to work with me on several occasions and he is a very good office dog.  He wanders from office to office visiting and begging for treats.  Lunchtime around the office is a particular favorite of his.  He greets all visitors with tail wagging off and a grin from ear to ear.  He is just a delight.

Abby – the other dog we adopted from ARLEP – has pretty much adopted him and watches over him like a mother hen at the dog park.  No other dog better try anything with her little Gilly or she is right there to defend him.  Our old guy, Barney, even seems to be a little more active with Gil around.  I think he feels he has to watch him closely to make sure his is not getting into anything.

Thanks so much for all you do at the rescue league.  I continue to scan petfinders to see what you have.  Although, my husband says no more dogs!