Marilyn replaced Simon who died of cancer



I lost my best friend Simon another black and white Persian to cancer in May, he was 12 1/2 . I saw Marilyn on PetFfinder, my heart was destroyed losing my cutest boy in the world Simon and I keep going back and looking at Marilyn. I just knew she was meant to be mine but she was 1300 miles away. Then it came to my mind to put an ad on Craig’s list and see if anyone was driving from El Paso to Alabama that would bring her to me. I got a couple replies that did not seem like it would work out, then I got an email from a lawyer from California driving to Florida with her two cats. It sounded like a perfect match. She was the answer to my prayers. She said she checked different cities on her route, so we set up the plans. She picked up Marilyn and we drove 4 hours from the Birmingham area down to Mobile to meet her. She arrived late that Saturday night, we met and got Marilyn and drove the 4 hours back home, it was a long long day but such a happy day. Marilyn now known as Dottie Dot has really help heal my broken heart. It still hurts losing Simon but Dottie Dot brings so much joy to my life. I just wanted to thank you all again for letting me adopt her. She is my best buddy. She goes with me where I go around the house, she sleeps with me,while on the computer she sleeps on my printers and if I am on the couch she lays on a pillow right next to me. I still think it is a miracle that it worked out and I am so very happy and thankful that it did.

Thanks for all you do for the precious animals.