Danny is an amazing dog!

Dear friends at arlep,

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months in my new home already!  I belonged here right from the start!

Danny is an amazing dog!  He is a wonderful part of Dannyour family!  He naturally protects the children when we’re at the dog beach which we never taught him,  he’s amazing off leash and although still a little clumsy around the house,  he listens well and tries his best to be gentle around the baby.

Danny is hilarious!  He has no concept whatsoever of the game “fetch ” and loves watching dogs on tv!  He sat and watched 70 minutes of lassie (he was absolutely glued to the tv)  and watched the whole Westminster kennel Club competition with me.  All he wants is love… He’s a fantastic natural guard dog!  Always alerts us to anything funny going on outside.

Thank you guys again soooo much for letting him join our family.  There are some personality traits he has that remind me of Oslo ( formerly adobe)  and this has helped me deal with my loss.  It makes me feel like he’s still here.  Danny2

I know your job is hard and challenging at times but please don’t stop.  There are great rewards and this is definitely one of them!  (twice as a matter of fact)

Orene and Danny and family

Footnote to Danny’s story:  Danny’s family lives in Canada and they adopted him after seeing him on Petfinder.  ARL tried to fly him to Canada but his crate was too big, so his adopted mom found a way and he then traveled sitting in the cab of a semi truck to get there.