Maggie needed the right family

Maggie came to ARL very scared and shy.  All she needed was the right family.  Lucky for Maggie it didn’t take long. Dear ARL Family, I just wanted to let you know how well I’, doing with my new family.  I am getting to know everyone and am trying hard to play with them.  I love to … Continue reading

Our new family member Cleo

We just wanted share a couple pictures of our new family member Cleo. She absolutely loves our Boxer, Kayla, our kitties Axis and Allie, and my in-laws’ pups Andrew and Cody (formerly Worm from ARL). She seems to be finding her own. Cleo went for her first walk today around the neighborhood. … Continue reading

We adopted Striker and Lance!

We’ve adopted two dogs from Animal Rescue League; Striker, who we have had for almost 5 years now, and Lance! Lance was adopted by us one year ago today, his name was Razzle when we got him. You said you had to cut over a pound of hair off of his head when he first came to you. Both puppies have … Continue reading