Burn victim, Kyle, is adopted and renamed Motley

My family and I want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.  Because of ARL of EP’s dedication to finding homes for animals and treating the hurt ones, we now have a best friend, companion, and little clown entertainer who makes friends and adores everybody.

Late in 2010, you found on the side of a road a little pup badly burned on his left side and entire rump, and patiently nursed him back to health.  In a segment featured on the Channel 7 news, Kyle was shown in a whirlpool bath as his ARL handler (Loretta) removed burned skin.  I watched both in horror and awe…..horror at seeing the results of a cruel act, yet awe at the sweet temperament of the puppy during a daily painful treatment.  As Loretta would carefully remove the dead skin in the whirlpool, the pup would cry, but never once did he try to bite or take aggressive action towards her.  I later heard that Loretta even spent weekends and off hours to take care of little Kyle.  That is one tiny example of the care and dedication the staff provides to the animals they rescue.

Once he was healed, I was lucky and go to adopt Kyle (renamed Motley) into our menagerie of pets, which includes four cats, exotic tortoises and another dog.  My family at first thought I was crazy to want to adopt Motley, thinking he might have been traumatized to the point of having emotional problems.  Why did we worry?  Motley turned out to be the sweetest, most loving (yes, go figure) dog ever!!!!

The picture shows him today, two years later.  He will always be scarred, but I figure he can wear them like trophies.  When people see Motley and ask about his scars, I ALWAYS tell them about ARL saving his life and what a wonderful dog he is!!!

The very best to you all — keep up your wonderful work.   Lori