Community Involvement

Many area schools have volunteered for Animal Rescue League, from the university to elementary, middle and high schools.  Since there is never a shortage of things to do at the shelter or projects that need to be done, the volunteers from the schools are always appreciated. 
UTEP Project Move 2012
The University of Texas at El Paso has a special program called Project MOVE (Miner Opportunities for Volunteer Experiences).  The purpose of the day is to provide students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the University, with an opportunity to give back to the El Paso community as a volunteer. They experience the importance of civic engagement, leadership and service.  The last couple years ARL has been very fortunate to have these students come out and do some much needed projects. 

Area elementary, middle and high schools have had programs where students have collected items needed for ARL or students have come out to do yard or shelter maintenance.  Some schools have held special events at their schools to raise money for ARL.  

EleanorOne third grader took her involvement with Animal Rescue League a step further.  Eleanor Shoenbrun started her own campaign, “Pennies Fur Pets” and entered it in the national Make a Difference program.  During her campaign she raised over $2700 going out on the street, involving a local Starbucks and asking for donations.  Because of her efforts she was selected as one of the top 10 campaigns and won an additional $10,000 that was designated to Animal Rescue League of El Paso.  We are told Eleanor is continuing her program and now has all the El Paso Starbucks on board.  

ARL has also been very fortunate to have many community organizations, local veterinarians, businesses and groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts contribute their time and energies in helping.  Whether it is support in the way of manual labor, raising funds, grooming our horribly matted dogs, printing needs, treating our hurt and abused dogs or cats, or helping at special events, ARL cannot stress the importance of these caring people in our community.  

Foster families always play a huge part in rescue.  Without foster families many puppies, kittens, and special needs cases just couldn’t be helped.  The shelter does not always have room to take in the extra litter of puppies or kittens or the time that is needed to take care of a special needs case.   Many kittens and puppies that are found need to be bottle fed.  Special needs cases that need surgery need that extra care, therapy and constant attention that the shelter cannot always provide.